Young ‘lookalike’ queen doubles her monthly income this Jubilee weekend


A young woman earning some extra cash as ‘young Queen Elizabeth’ says she’s on track to double her monthly lookalike income in just four days over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Hattie Ball even has some royal approval for her resemblance to Her Majesty, with the Duke of Kent commenting on her resemblance to his cousin.

Hattie, 23, usually earns around £700 a month from similar appearances, but says she expects to earn upwards of £1,500 during public holidays.

Hattie started making appearances as a young Queen Elizabeth-like and vintage singer in 2016, with business booming when Netflix released The Crown.

Hattie is around the same age as the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, would have been in this 1946 photo

Now Hattie, who lives in Ormskirk, Lancs., is having a busy Platinum Jubilee weekend, with some appearances that were booked over a year ago!

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Hattie said: “When I look in the mirror I just see Hattie, I don’t think I look much like anyone else.

“In 2015 the movie A Royal Night came out, and I went to see it with friends who all said I looked like Sarah Gaddon, who played Queen Elizabeth.

“Then The Crown came out and they said I looked like Claire Foy and then my friends were like ‘maybe it’s just the queen you look like’.

“I was once at an event the Duke of Kent was attending, and he also said how much I looked like him, so I have the family’s approval!

“I think that’s such a compliment because she was a beautiful woman at my age, and she still is today, so hopefully I’ll age as well as her!”

During her appearances as Her Majesty Queen Hattie made
During her appearances as Her Majesty Queen Hattie makes ‘a lot of hand signals, and maybe a speech’

Hattie’s wardrobe includes an exact replica of the Queen’s ATS uniform.

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She said: “I love vintage clothes anyway, so when I’m looking for outfits I can wear them for appearances, it’s close to my usual style.

“A lot of the things I own are replicas of outfits she’s worn, like her ATS uniform.

“When I started, I scoured charity shops and vintage stores and built a wardrobe of prom dresses and day dresses.

“Now I can channel Her Majesty in any given situation.”

Hattie even bought an original ATS uniform like the one young Princess Elizabeth wore
Hattie even bought an original ATS uniform like the one young Princess Elizabeth wore

It takes about two hours for Hattie to prepare for an appearance.

She said: “I have very, very thick hair so putting the curlers on takes time.

“Once I’ve done that, my hair usually stays curly for about three days, so I’ll be going through a lot of hairspray over the four-day weekend!

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“The makeup I do looks like my everyday makeup, so it doesn’t take me too long.

“I find that once I have the outfits it helps me get into the personality a bit more.

“These are such gorgeous clothes, I want to do them justice, so I immediately stand taller with better posture and everything.”

The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth (R) with her younger sister Princess Margaret (L) at Balmoral in 1939
The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth (R) with her younger sister Princess Margaret (L) at Balmoral in 1939

Hattie currently has a busy holiday weekend ahead of her.

She said: “I’m doing two private events on Thursday and then another on Sunday.

“Friday I will be at the East Lancashire Railway, and Saturday I will be at the International Bomber Command Center Jubilee Concert and Ball.

“I also have things to do in the week, finishing at the RAF Cosford Air Show on June 12 in their Jubilee Village covering all eras of the Queens reign.

“I have had people contact me over the past few weeks looking to book but obviously I had to prioritize people who contacted me a long time ago, some nearly a year in advance!

“Appearances usually involve me doing a lot of waving and maybe giving a speech.

“I can’t wait to get back to my normal work on Monday after such an amazing few days.

“I love my job, but it will be a big transition to a normal life.”



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