WWE: Is Triple H back? Here’s what he said at the Performance Center


Prior to the transition to NXT 2.0, Triple H was forced to step away due to health issues. During his absence, the brand has gone through several changes, but now a big update has arrived from the WWE Performance Center.

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We learned that the king of kings could return. John Pollock of POST Fight tweeted saying Triple H was in Orlando and spoke at the WWE Performance Center and told people he was back.

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“According to multiple sources, Paul Levesque was in Orlando today and spoke at the Performance Center. Of those I heard, Levesque said ‘he’s back’ – it’s unclear what that entails, but that’s the wording given to me,” John Pollock’s tweet read.

Speaking of the veteran, he’s done a lot for the NXT brand over the years. He was surely one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time.

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He was in charge of the WWE NXT brand but had to step down after suffering a serious heart event last fall. He then later announced that he was working in the WWE office again, but in a limited role as he had yet to recover from the health scare.

Triple H is a WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019 and has served on the WWE Executive Committee and Board of Directors since 2015.

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