Wordle has a new best start word again


Wordle Bot, the New York Times’ AI Wordle analyzer, can’t decide.

Back in August, I wrote about how the Wordle Bot 2.0 update introduced a new best launch word. Crane was out and slate was the new top.

A few weeks later I noticed a change. Wordle Bot was back in use crane again, and indeed, The New York Times confirmed it: Slate was out and crane was now the best choice – again.

Now it looks like Wordle Bot has flipped again and is using slate again instead of crane, although this hasit’s officially announced. Slate is what pops up again when I go to review my Wordle guesses:

Back and forth and back and forth – it seems these two are so neck-and-neck, that either would be an excellent bet (although Wordle Bot will certainly tell you that using the another is better).

I recently posted about other contenders for the best Wordle starting word. Both Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the researchers at MIT have other top picks. According to the university research team, MIT’s best word was as much as 1% more effective than Wordle Bot’s.

I stick to my strategy: a new word every day, to keep the mind sharp.

What is your starting point or strategy? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook.


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