Woman killed in US after 3-year-old grabbed unsecured gun, police say


Police say further investigations are underway.

A three-year-old child in the United States accidentally shot and killed his mother, law enforcement officials say. The incident took place in South Carolina on Wednesday, according to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office. It said the toddle “gained access to an unsecured firearm”, resulting in the accident and the woman’s death. The sheriff’s office identified the woman as Cora Lyn Bush, who lived in Spartanburg. The 33-year-old died two hours after the accident at a local hospital.

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The sheriff’s office released the statement based on the grandmother’s account, who “confirmed with both the evidence at the scene and the victim’s injury,” according to a report in New York Post.

No further information has been released, although officials have added that the investigation is ongoing.

The media report said the sheriff’s office received a call from Spartanburg Regional Medical Center at 10:35 a.m. in connection with the death caused by a shooting incident.

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“Please keep Ms. Bush’s family in your thoughts and prayers at this time of loss and grief,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

It added that a forensic autopsy is planned.

After Ms. Bush was transported to the hospital, the sheriff’s office spoke to her mother and said her account of the incident was corroborated by both the evidence at the scene and the victim’s injury.

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“While our investigation is still active, there is every indication that this incident was the result of the young child gaining access to an unsecured firearm, which caused the mother to be accidentally shot and later died in hospital,” the statement said. sheriff’s office.

TAUTaffiliate News19 said so far this year, there have been at least 194 accidental shootings by children in the US, resulting in 82 deaths and 123 injuries.



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