Woman finds ‘amazing’ rare transparent fish on Tasmanian beach


A Tasmanian woman has shared her incredible find on the sands of Bruny Island, mistaking an almost completely transparent fish for a piece of seaweed.

“I was quite surprised to see a small eye on it,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Honestly, how is it transparent, where’s the brain, or whatever inside,” another commented on the post. “I’m so confused, but so fascinated.”

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Macquarie University biologist Professor Culum Brown said the unusual fish were larvae of a species of eel that “comes out of the ocean and is initially part of the plankton.”

Woman finds transparent fish on Tasmanian beach.
A Tasmanian woman shared the incredible bright fish she found on a beach.

“They are small, thin, flat and transparent and as they approach the coast they gradually change and start to become more elongated – the typical eel shape – and turn green/brown in color,” he said via Yahoo News.

“Shortly after that, they start pulling up rivers and creeks and start to look more and more like baby eels (ie they look like small adult eels).”

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