WhatsApp scam alert! A simple call and it’s ‘game over’, here’s how


A new scam has now emerged which is used to hack WhatsApp accounts using a single call and OTP method. This simple trick was recently highlighted by cybersecurity expert Rahul Sasi on social media.

WhatsApp being the most preferred and popular messaging platform among Indians, naturally becomes a regular target for hackers in the country. These malicious actors try to trick users and hack into WhatsApp accounts, thereby obtaining their personal information and compromising security.

In his detailed article, Sasi, Founder and CEO of CloudSEK, explained what happened and how users should be aware of this scam.

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“Warning, this is how WhatsApp accounts are hacked,” he warned. Sasi then explained how users receive a call from the attack which then convinces the victim to call the following number “**67* or *405*“.

“Within minutes, your WhatsApp would be disconnected and attackers would have full control of your account,” he wrote.

How hackers run the scam?

Sasi explained that the number dialed by the victim is a service request for Jio and Airtel to perform “call forwarding” when your number is busy or busy. “The hacker tricked you into forwarding your calls to a number he owns when you are busy. Now in the backend, the attacker triggers the WhatsApp registration process for your number and chooses the option to send OTP via a phone call. Since your phone is engaged, the OTP will go to the attacker’s phone and it’s game over for you,” he explained.

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Sasi further claimed that hackers can use the same trick to hack anyone’s WhatsApp account if they have physical access to the victim’s phone and their permission to make a call. A similar service request number is available in each country and from each service provider, which means the hacking trick can work worldwide, he added.

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