Watch | Mamata Banerjee gives health advice to overweight TMC worker


A hilarious conversation between West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party employee has gone viral on the internet, in which the CM is seen giving health advice to the overweight municipality chairman.

During an administrative review meeting, the Trinamool Congress leader asked the Jhalda Municipality Chairman why his belly was so bulging. Expressing concern over the overweight issue, she added, “The way your belly is getting bigger, you could crash any day. Aren’t you exercising?”

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A shy Suresh Kumar Agarwal said he was fine and not sick. “I don’t have sugar issues or blood pressure issues.”

But Mamata told her there might be liver problem otherwise “How can you have such a giant Madhya Pradesh”, she joked.

The municipal leader said he takes no medication and regularly performs an hour and a half of training. The worker claimed that he was doing 1,000 Kapalabhati (a breathing exercise) a day.

The West Bengal CM said, “Not possible, if you do 1000 Kapalabhati every day, you won’t have such a big belly.”

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“I will give 10,000 if you do pranayama a thousand times,” the chief minister said, prompting peals of laughter from the audience.

Later, Agarwal admitted that he had an unusual habit of eating “pakoras” every morning. Banerjee, who sported an amused expression, then advised the TMC chef to stop eating pakoras.

Agarwal, 62, said he would “definitely try” to follow her advice. Agarwal said CM Banerjee is a fitness enthusiast. She is often filmed taking brisk morning walks whenever she is on administrative rounds in the districts. She is known to walk several miles each day on her treadmill and is seen walking many miles during election campaigns. Banerjee also wears a digital wristwatch to track his step count and monitor his heart rate.

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