Warning issued on viral avocado hack as trend can give you salmonella


Called “avocado magic” by viral TikTokers, a tricky new trend is putting people’s health at risk.

The internet has quite a bit of experience when it comes to blindly jumping on board with new “wisdom” often conjured up by unknown creators with no verifiable expertise.

Remember when people started putting toilet brushes on the end of power drills and trying to peel potatoes? Yes, we thought so.

And yet, as these viral sensations come and go, it seems like no one ever learns that in fact, what you get on the internet might not always be a good idea.

In true Internet style, let us introduce you to the latest in a long line of brilliantly bad ideas: the “magic avocado hack”.

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What is the magic avocado hack?

Keeping your avocados fresh is key to taking great Instagram photos

The “magic avocado hack” involves putting the avocados in water and then putting the whole thing in the fridge.

The idea is that this trick keeps them fresh longer, and content advocating the idea has now been circulating the World Wide Web for months.

Users filled an airtight container with water and an uncut avocado, then placed them in the fridge to store the fruit inside.

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Some have even claimed the trick has helped keep their groceries fresh for weeks, which is an enticing prospect for a fruit known to turn brown faster than you can say “half today, half tomorrow.”

Is the magic avocado hack dangerous?

Pathogens can penetrate the pulp of the favorite super fruit
Pathogens can penetrate the pulp of your favorite superfruit

The US-based Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that performing this trick could harm your health.

However, he did not say that the hack did not keep lawyers fresh longer.

Speaking to McClatchy News, the FDA said, “The FDA does not recommend this practice.

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“The main concern is the possibility that any residual human pathogens that may reside on the surface of the avocado could potentially multiply during storage when submerged in water.”

Letting food sit in water could be the perfect breeding ground for some seriously sinister pathogens like salmonella, which in turn wants to do nothing more than “seep and internalize” into your avocado pulp.

The pulp, by the way, is what little you eat.

The FDA said trying to clean the avocado before eating it is still not a good idea because, “in this case, even surface disinfection of the avocado skin before slicing would not be effective. measure to eliminate the contamination”.




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