Vikram Vedha: Brahmastra star Ranbir Kapoor asks audience to support Hrithik Roshan-Saif Ali Khan’s film


Ranbir Kapoor and team Brahmastra are currently enjoying the success of their hard work. The public’s love and admiration for Ayan Mukerji’s film has overcome hatred and negativity and the film has revived Bollywood. Ranbir and his team believe that the love of the cinema continues, so the actor did something that impressed the masses.

Ranbir and Ayan visited a cinema and made a surprise visit to the audience watching Brahmastra. After the movie ended, they both went in and interacted with the audience. Ranbir thanked them for giving love and acceptance to Brahmastra. He even asked the audience, “Picture kaisi lagi, thik-thaak lagi.” The audience responded with cheers and then he added: “Thank you so much. It’s a very historic day for Hindi cinema. It’s National Film Day and we thank you for supporting the film, for showing so much love.”

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Later Kapoor endorsed Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan starrer Vikram Vedha. The upcoming action drama will be released on September 30. Ranbir asked the audience to support the film, saying, “Agle hafte ek aur aachi film aa rahi hai Vikram Vedha…usse bhi dher saara pyaar de.”

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Earlier, Ranbir spoke about the film’s budget, saying, “Nowadays we read a lot where people are discussing the film’s budget. [Brahmastra]. People say this is the budget and so much is the recovery. But Brahmastra is something unique. The budget is not just for this one film, but for the entire trilogy.” “The numbers floating around are wrong,” Kapoor added.

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Even Ayan expressed the same thoughts as Ranbir, telling the portal: “Brahmastra is a big budget movie. When we started making Brahmastra, we didn’t just make part 1. It was an investment we made in the trilogy and in parts 2 and 3. So a lot of the costs that we invested in part 1 are also invested in setting up the foundation, writing, building assets and concept work on part 2 and part 3.” Brahmastra hit theaters on September 9.

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