Uvalde Police Lied: Teacher Never Left Door Open


Law enforcement tried to blame a teacher who left a door open for Uvalde’s shooting, but surveillance video shows the school employee shut the door.

The San Antonio Express-News reported:

A Robb Elementary School employee had opened a door to carry food from a car to the classroom last Tuesday, but closed it after realizing an armed man was on the loose heading for the school, his San Antonio attorney said.

Don Flanary said the school employee, who has not been identified for security reasons, called 911 to report an accident near the school involving a black truck, which turned out to be driven by shooter Salvador Ramos, 18.


A police source familiar with the investigation said surveillance video and audio verifies that the employee removed the stone holding the door open and closed it.

A teacher has been libeled by law enforcement, falsely claiming Uvalde’s shooter gained access to the school because she left a door open. The facts are there was no open door but the local police stood outside and allowed a mass shooter to potentially murder children by not going inside to stop him.

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It is important that the Department of Justice investigate the police response to the shooting because the police lied about their response. Why the police lied and what they are covering up is what the DOJ will find out.

As more and more details emerge about the lies of the police, one would not be surprised if criminal charges or some other form of discipline resulted from the investigation.

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The police did not follow protocol. They didn’t try to stop the shooter, then they lied and tried to blame a teacher.

The mass shootings are gruesome enough without local law enforcement staging a half-baked cover-up to hide the truth from grieving families.


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