Urfi Javed brutally trolled for revealing she doesn’t like swimming, netizens say ‘bhai isko koi…’


What makes Urfi Javed popular? Apart from her unique fashion statements, she is known for speaking without a filter. She is frankly honest and she does not hesitate to share her own little secrets. Recently, Urfi was spotted on a rainy day in Mumbai, and she was snapped by photographers.

During a quick chat with Instant Bollywood, the actress shared her take on the Mumbai rains. The journalist asked her if she was a fan of the monsoon? Urfi revealed a fact about herself saying, “Mujhe toh nahana bhi pasand nahi hai…bhegne ki toh door ki baat hai.” The actress was then asked if she feels lazy in the monsoon, and Urfi added, “Main bahut lazy hoon, it’s not just about the monsoon. mujhe roz alas aata hai.”

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Here is the video

As soon as the video was broadcast, several Internet users trolled it mercilessly. One user mocked her saying, “Bhig jayi to makeup utar jayega na.” Another user claimed, “Kitna mahine se nhi nahaye ho.” One netizen added, “Matlab ye abb bina nahiye aai he.” Another netizen called her “Choti rakhi sawant”. One of the users wrote: “Matlab bas parfum aur deo se kaam chalta hai.” One of the users claimed, “Bhai koi issko batao bee kapde kya hote hai yrr.”

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Previously, Javed reacted to her death rumors, she criticized people for spreading such news about her. The actress was shocked after seeing a transformed image shared by a social media user with the caption ‘RIP Urfi Javed’. In addition to the photo, he wrote: “1997-2022”, a comment read: “Stand by the murderer of Urfi”. When Urfi saw the message, she reacted and wrote: “What is going on in this world? I get so many death threats and now this! The comment says they support my killer! Mad.”

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Earlier, the actress reacted to Ranbir-Alia’s pregnancy and said the baby will be very cute. When asked if she became bua or maasi, she said, “Mai kya banungi, main yahi rahungi, Begani Shaadi Mein Abdullah Deewana.” His hilarious reaction went viral on social media.



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