UN official: The UAE’s efforts on education and early childhood are inspiring to the region


Erika Strand, Director of Social Policy at the United Nations Children’s Fund for the Gulf Region “UNICEF”, described the national consultations of the UAE, which aim to develop a common vision for the future of education after the Covid-19 pandemic, in preparation for the World Summit on Transforming Education at the Global Level, as inspiring and leading other countries for a model that is his followers.

And the “UN official”, in statements made to the Emirates News Agency / WAM / during her participation in the second phase of the national consultations for the UAE, which was organized by the Ministry of Education at the Mohammed bin Rashid Library in Dubai, pointed out that the participation of various institutions related to education in the national consultations reflects the importance of Commitment to education in the United Arab Emirates, which contributes to strengthening several axes, most notably: the right of children to learn without any discrimination, by forming a national committee for early childhood, which is the basis for change in any educational system.

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Erica Strand praised the concerted efforts of the various sectors in the UAE, including the government and the private sector, in the file of education development and early childhood development, and the state’s wonderful solutions and innovative model. It can lead other countries, stressing the importance of highlighting a number of axes after the pandemic, such as assessing learning levels regularly and giving priority to teaching the basics as the basic building blocks for learning and skills development, in addition to increasing the efficiency of teaching and developing the psychological and social health of the child.

Regarding the impact of the pandemic on the education sector; The Director of Social Policies at the United Nations Children’s Fund for the Gulf Region “UNICEF” indicated that attention to education is one of the areas that need to permanently improve quality, especially that the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively affected many children, noting that the world needs to remedy This difficult period and transfer of skills more efficiently, prompting children to think creatively.

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The “UN official” explained that United Nations organizations such as “UNICEF” and “UNESCO” are always keen on the issue of rebuilding confidence in a better way than that previous era, and enabling those children who have fewer resources in several regions in the countries of the world, in order to obtain The same opportunity for education and innovation as their peers.

It also indicated that the Middle East region, especially the Arab Gulf states; It has witnessed several amazing innovations, especially with regard to digital education, and distance learning through a multiplicity of electronic platforms, especially the countries of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, those countries that have an important digital transformation as well as platforms based on sign language and others for people of determination, praising those ideas and solutions. Which aims to reach all groups of children.

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And she added: “Nothing can replace the teacher’s communication with his student, and that human contact between teachers and students is an essential and extremely important thing in school, and the Gulf countries have made every effort during the pandemic period to improve the quality of education, noting the organization’s readiness to support All ideas that support early childhood and a readiness to learn, so the discussions that take place inside the Mohammed bin Rashid Library in Dubai about education are wonderful discussions within one of the important cultural and cognitive edifices in the world.”

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