Ukrainian Zelensky was asked if he has a favorite joke about Putin. His answer


Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to a news channel where he spoke about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was asked in an interview if he has a favorite joke about Russian leader Vladimir Putin, to which he answered yes, but he is not ready to tell. Mr Zelensky also spoke about Mr Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization, his attempt to hold referendums in two of the country’s provinces and the ongoing war. On Thursday, he had called on Russians to resist the partial mobilization call, which sparked protests and another exodus from the country.

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Zelensky called on Russians to oppose the partial mobilization announced by President Vladimir Putin, which has sparked protests and another exodus from the country.

The video of the interview was uploaded on Mr. Zelensky’s Telegram channel. It is also circulating on social media platforms such as Reddit.

During the interview, Mr Zelenky was asked whether the war in Ukraine will not end until the Putin regime collapses. “I don’t associate this with the end of the war. Putin’s regime will certainly end when the Russian people decide. We have no influence on this,” he said.

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“But who will replace them? The question is not about the person. The question is about the philosophy of their regime, the philosophy of preserving their power, the philosophy of their attitude to Ukraine. If they don’t change, if they don’t change their doctrine, it doesn’t matter who will be in their place – a young man, an old man, etc.”, added the Ukrainian president.

When asked if he has a favorite joke about Putin, Mr. Zelensky laughed and said he did, but he’s not ready to tell. “You will laugh, but in Russia they will cry. I’m not sure if this is appropriate. This is called black humor,” the president said.

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Earlier, when addressing the UN General Assembly remotely on Wednesday, he accused Moscow of voluntarily creating a food crisis.

“Any state that causes famine, that seeks to make access to food a privilege and that seeks to make the protection of nations from famine dependent on… the mercy of a dictator – such a state must have the harshest response in the world. get,” said Mr. Zelensky.



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