Ukrainian war: Putin closes the gas tap, Germany is in crisis


“It can get worse than the pandemic”: Germany is threatened with an energy crisis because of Putin

Turbulent times are coming to Germany. The country wants to get out of coal, oil and nuclear. But right now Putin is turning off the gas tap. And now?

This is what Wilhelmshaven will look like in the future: A ship (left) brings the liquefied gas to the North Sea coast, where it is processed in a floating LNG terminal (right) and from there fed into an onshore pipeline .

Photo: Botas/MOL/zvg

The wind whistles from the roof of the disused coal-fired power station of the energy company Uniper. Asset manager Holger Kreetz made the additional move from the group’s Düsseldorf headquarters to the North Sea this Monday from early summer to mid-June to show journalists where the new terminal will one day be located. liquid gas. He points to the North Sea, where there’s not much to see except a large container ship and a port facility.

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