Tory MPs who have pledged their support for Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson needs the backing of 180 Tory MPs in Monday night’s confidence vote if he is to remain Prime Minister.

To date, 85 MPs have already publicly declared their support for Mr Johnson. This includes the vast majority of his cabinet – including Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, who had been touted as potential successors.

But some members of the Prime Minister’s own party have yet to declare their support, including a number of Cabinet members and more junior ministers.

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These include Priti Patel, the home secretary, and Penny Mordaunt, a trade minister who criticized her leader over ‘partygate’.

The Telegraph walks you through every MP supporting Mr Johnson – and those who have yet to declare their support.

1. Sajid Javid – Health Secretary – 8:19

Mr Javid told TAUT Radio 4 that a win for Mr Johnson on Monday night would “draw a line under that”, adding: “A win is a win. Unite behind a leader and keep delivering.”

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2. Chris Heaton-Harris – Attends Cabinet – 8:33

Mr Heaton-Harris retweeted messages supporting the Prime Minister.

3. Liz Truss – Foreign Secretary – 8:33



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