Today’s “word” Word of the day # 346 Answer and hint: Tuesday, May 31


The last day of May is finally here. June, the best month of the whole year, is coming.

This is basically my version of the House Stark lyrics from Game of thrones. They say “Winter is coming”, I say “June is coming”. Or, maybe “summer is coming,” which it does every year at the summer solstice, which is almost always the day after my birthday.

The day before my birthday was the very first Wordle—Wordle #0—and my birthday last year was Wordle #1. So we have my birthday, Wordle’s birthday, and the summer solstice a few days apart. Pretty cool.

In any case, let’s take a look at today’s word. . . .

Today Wordle #346 Hint and Answer

Be warned, O travelers of the enigma, the troublemakers lie in wait like bandits in the night, like vile brigands by the wayside. You have been warned!

First, a hint: the type of house you might find in Downton Abbey.

And the answer is . . .

Well I guess if you guessed crane for your first word, that means you immediately got three of the right letters, but none in the right place. Still, a good parting word as usual.

My guess was very unlucky – possibly the unluckiest of all the guesses I’ve ever started with. Normally Goodbye will reduce the total number of possible solutions to 123, but today I have 284 left – the most possible for this word according to the Wordle Bot. Ouch!

Fortunately, my next guess—crank– was really good, leaving me with only four possible solutions. My third guess, excitedeliminated all but one of the words (though Wordle Bot unnecessarily tells me I should have guessed the correct answer at this point. No duh, Wordle Bot!)

I didn’t realize there was only one guess left, but I began to suspect that the ‘R’ would be in last place and an ‘O’ – the only unreturned vowel – would be in the penultimate place. From there I got ANOR and just need a first letter that would fit. I skimmed through the remaining letters and when I got to ‘M’ I was pretty sure I had come across it. Sure enough, manor For victory!

Have a great Tuesday, dear Wordlers!


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