Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed: Empowering youth by creating growth opportunities is essential to the progress of the Arab world


His Highness Sheikh Diab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Arab Youth Center, stressed the importance of empowering young people, who constitute the largest segment of the population in the Arab world. To support the progress of the Arab world by improving the quality of education, creating promising job opportunities, and supporting their entrepreneurial spirit.

This came on the sidelines of His Highness’ review of the results of the 14th annual ASDA’A BCW poll of Arab youth, which was issued yesterday, Wednesday. The results, in his opinion, reflect the main mission set by the Arab Youth Center to empower Arab youth and meet their needs.

Commenting on the results of this year’s poll, His Highness stressed: “We must all seize the level of optimism among Arab youth and their positive outlook for the coming days, and ensure the creation of enabling environments to achieve their aspirations and enrich their lives.”

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His Highness said: “The results of the Arab youth opinion poll indicate the need for the efforts of various authorities and institutions in the region to join forces and work together to focus on the aspirations of the youth group whose primary interests lie in the quality of education, job creation, and economic stability. Undoubtedly, addressing these issues is necessary to inspire these Slide that their coming days are better, so that we can preserve and nurture our talents to contribute to the social and economic progress of our region.”

His Highness Sheikh Theyab bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan referred to one of the main results of the survey, which showed the extent of Arab youth’s concern about the loss of traditional values ​​and their desire to preserve their cultural identity, which reflects the importance of focusing on our rich heritage.

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And he indicated that the emphasis of more than half of the youth of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries on the importance of the Arabic language in their lives is an affirmation of the distinguished position of the Arabic language in shaping the culture and awareness of the youth of the region. Its relations with the peoples of the world are based on the original Arab principles, customs and traditions on which it is based and is one of the main components of its identity.

His Highness Sheikh Theyab bin Mohammed bin Zayed considered that the choice of Arab youth throughout the region of the UAE as a destination and a first choice to work and live, is clear evidence of the country’s position as a beacon of hope and progress in the Middle East.

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His Highness said: “The Arab youth see that the UAE keeps pace with their aspirations, with the promising opportunities it provides, supported by the elements of stability, security, continuous economic growth, cultural diversity and human values, which we consider as a natural result of the efforts and endeavors of our wise leadership and its wise vision to build an advanced and attractive life system in our country, and we hope that the country will enjoy All Arab youth have a prosperous future.

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