Teacher locked school door ahead of Uvalde shooting, Texas official says


A Texas official said on Tuesday that a teacher closed a door at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde that was held open before a gunman entered the building and killed 19 children and two teachers last week. , retracting details of the shooting they had previously provided, according to TAUT.

Why is it important: Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said at a press conference Friday that the shooter entered the school through a door that had been held open by a teacher.

  • Investigators initially reported that the unnamed teacher opened the door with a rock before the shooting began and did not remove it, giving the shooters access to the school.
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Yes, but: Travis Considine, communications officer for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said investigators have now determined that the teacher, who was on the phone with 911 at the time, removed the rock after hearing banging. fire outside the school and closed the door but it did not lock, according to TAUT.

  • Considine said authorities are currently investigating why the door did not lock.
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The big picture: Local and state law enforcement officials in Texas are facing fierce criticism and wondering why it took officers so long to confront and arrest Uvalde’s gunman after he locked himself in two rooms of fourth grade class connected with teachers and students.

  • Texas authorities also relayed and then retracted several key details about the shooting, including their initial report that a security guard hired by the school confronted the shooter before he entered the building.
  • McCraw said Friday the security guard was not on campus when shootings near the school were first reported, but immediately attended the scene. He also claimed the officer walked past the shooter and instead confronted a teacher after arriving on campus.
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