TAUT obtains body camera footage of Trump DOJ attorney during DOJ raid: ‘Can I put my pants on?’


broadcast footage he had obtained on Erin Burnett Before On Thursday, body camera footage shows when federal agents raided the home of former Justice Department attorney Jeffrey Clark just over two weeks ago. He is accused of trying to help the former in his alleged bid for the 2020 election. Clark is also accused by Georgia officials of disproving the victory in the state. The raid took place the day before the elder testified before the Jan. 6 committee that Clark had gone to great lengths to help the former president stay in office.

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The early morning raid and the release of the video may prove embarrassing for Clark, who answered the door wearing only a button-down shirt and boxers.

When Clark answered the door, officers told him they had a warrant and asked him to come out so they could talk to him. He asked to call his lawyer, but was first told to get out so they could clear the house.

Clark then asked, “Can I put some pants on first?”

“Sir, we need to clear the house,” an officer replied. Another added: ‘We’re going to clean the house, and as soon as we’ve cleaned the house, we’ll get you talking to your lawyer and we’ll put some pants on, okay?

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Officers offered to let him stand behind his car so no neighbors could see him, but they couldn’t let Clark wait in his garage until his house was cleaned, as he had requested.

The raid took place just as the DOJ was stepping up its investigation into the . Burnett spoke about what was allegedly collected from Clark’s home.

“TAUT has obtained a copy of police reports which indicate officials seized a number of electronic devices from Clark during this early morning raid,” Burnett said. “Officers also sent an electronics sniffer dog to search Clark’s home. News to come as we learn that the DOJ investigation appears to be gaining momentum.

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Watch Trump’s former chief of staff say he wouldn’t vote for him in a Republican primary:

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