Sunak warns ‘we will lose election if inflation is rampant’, as Truss lamented – live


Sunak boasts of taking money from ‘deprived urban areas’

Rishi Sunak has told Tory members the party will lose the 2024 general election if inflation is not brought under control – in a veiled warning of the risks of electing leader Liz Truss, who wants to cut taxes immediately.

At a leadership meeting in Eastbourne, the former chancellor said he was “particularly concerned about policies that could exacerbate the risk and last longer”.

As the event began, Ms. Truss was heckled before resuming her speech to blame “infiltrators” and attack “unfair protests” that “interrupt our democracy”.

Previously, Mr Sunak was filmed bragging about diverting funding from “deprived urban areas” to more affluent areas that “deserve it”.

Labor’s Lisa Nandy urged the government to investigate the “deeply disturbing” comments made at the Tories base in Kent last month – discovered in images obtained by the new statesman .

He told supporters: “I’ve managed to change the funding formulas, to make sure areas like this get the funding they deserve, because we’ve inherited some Labor formulas that have shifted all funding to underserved urban areas and that had to be undone.”


Sunak Makes Corporate Tax Plans for Truss

Mr Sunak was shocked by Mrs Truss’ plan to abolish the substantial increase in corporate tax.

On what he will do to help businesses grow, the former Chancellor told Tory leaders in Eastbourne: “We’ve had this debate on corporate taxation. I don’t want to cling to the failed policies of the past. That’s what some people suggest. It hasn’t worked.

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“If we want companies to actually invest in the economy, expand their factories, put in more lines, produce more things, we create more jobs. This is how we get inflation down if companies produce more. We need to lower taxes on those things.”

He added: “With the focus on corporate tax, that didn’t work. Investing in this economy today, no better than it was ten years ago, despite doing all those things in corporate tax.

“Because it’s not the right load to focus on. And that’s where my experience in business, my time as chancellor, my conversations with business have led me to the conclusion that we need to be much more radical.

“We need to reform corporate taxes to lower them on the things that make a difference. And that’s business investment, business innovation. If we make those tax cuts, we can help those companies grow, grow, create jobs and wealth, and crucially help lower inflation.”


Policy summaries of candidates omitted climate crisis

An audience member reveals that a paper sent to members outlining the candidates’ policies makes no mention of the climate crisis.

Sunak said he believes in the net-zero goal, but rushing would mean losing his support.

It was about building innovation, he claimed, and unlocking the ingenuity of the private sector, he said.

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Sunak hints he may go back when leaving the ECtHR

There should be no option on the table to leave the European Court of Human Rights, says Sunak.

Not being able to tell countries to take back failed asylum seekers was “obviously insane,” he added. And the UK must have control over its borders.


Let’s tackle the developers, says Sunak

Mr Sunak blamed developers for being on land and said he wanted to address them, including buying back land they were sitting on.


Sunak: Tories Will Say Goodbye To Election Winning Unless Inflation Is Controlled

Asked if he would release data on various things going wrong, Rishi Sunak is calling for public service reform to lower people’s taxes.

He said that unless inflation is under control, “we can say goodbye to winning that next election”.

When asked by host and former Downing Street adviser Jimmy McLoughlin what his pitch would be to win a fifth term, Mr Sunak said: “Well, the first thing we need to do to make sure we get that election win is due to this inflation problem by then.

“And that’s why I’m particularly concerned about policies that can exacerbate the risk and last longer.

“Because this is a problem that is not just for this winter. It is also a problem for the coming winter and beyond.

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“As the Bank of England said they are concerned that inflation will become embedded, there is no hope that we will win the next election. Absolutely none. It’s that simple.

“We all heard what they said yesterday, you all saw the numbers. And if we don’t get to grips with this and get to grips with it soon, then we can say goodbye to winning that next election.

“So the first thing we need to put ourselves in a position to win is to get through inflation and get through it quickly and not make things worse.”


Truss vows to ‘continue standing up to Putin and Lavrov’

An audience member has suggested that Vladimir Putin “must have been over the moon when Boris Johnson fell”, asking what Liz Truss would do to make the Russian president “less smug and give courage to the brave Ukrainians”.

The Secretary of State praised Mr Johnson, saying she does not “think many leaders have achieved it” with a street in Ukraine and a croissant named after them, adding: “It is because of the leadership we have in Ukraine. have shown.”

“I will continue to stand up to Putin, to stand up to… [Russian foreign secretary Sergei] Lavrov”, adding: “It’s important that it’s not just about rhetoric, but also about the tough security the UK is investing in. That’s why I plan to increase defense spending to 3 percent of GDP.”



Truss says more people should return to offices

Liz Truss has said it is “important that we get more people back into offices as we need to make sure our city and city centers thrive”.

The Secretary of State said that “although it worked to some extent during Covid, I definitely got Zoom fatigue and there were a lot of people in the Civil Service who got Zoom fatigue, so I think we should try to encourage people to to the office more than they do now.”

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Truss interrupted again by climate protester

During public questions to Liz Truss, another protester interrupted proceedings to warn of climate collapse.

“Obviously someone has a mic that shouldn’t have one,” one bystander was heard to remark at the hustings.

Ms Truss said: “I take it as a compliment that I am so popular with Extinction Rebellion.”


Truss says Lib Dem activism was the ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll of her childhood

People may know I have a “dubious past,” Liz Truss said of her childhood as a Lib Dem activist: “We all have teenage accidents and that was mine.”

When asked if that was the naughtiest thing she’d ever done, the Secretary of State laughed at the audience when she added: “Some people have sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, I was with the Liberal Democrats .”


Truss praises creation of ‘the British version of Silicon Valley’

Now speaking to the host of the hustings, former No. 10 adviser Jimmy McLoughlin, Liz Truss has defied conventional wisdom by claiming that people in the UK under 30 are “natural conservatives”.

“They’re more likely to start their own businesses than older generations. They’re more likely to have a ‘side business,'” the secretary of state said, describing “a true generation of self-starters coping with the difficulties of Covid”.

The Covid pandemic has created a kind of resilience in her daughters, Ms Truss added. in the student loan system” to ensure that people get “a fair deal”.

Above all, the government must show that there is hope and that there is an optimistic future ahead of us, said Ms Truss. ”

Economic forecasts “are not destiny,” Ms Truss said, warning that we should “not talk ourselves into a recession.”


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