Sonic Workers find an absolute nightmare hidden right behind the frying machine


Workers at a Sonic site in Georgia fled the restaurant earlier this month when they found something unexpected behind the fryer – and it wasn’t the remains of old toddlers.

The Brunswick Daily News reported that all staff had been spooked by a snake. They abandoned the store and called the cops, describing what they thought was a rattlesnake, which is among the venomous snakes known to inhabit Georgia.

Brunswick Police Department Lt. Matthew Wilson told the newspaper it was actually a 3.5-foot-long ball python, a non-venomous constrictor snake.

Wilson said he suspected the restaurant left its back door open and the snake slithered in for the same reason customers do: it was hungry and thirsty.

Wilson, who has his own ball python, said the Sonic snake has a new home with a snake-loving friend.

“It could be that someone just didn’t think about the implications of having a large snake as a pet,” Leonard told TAUT. “Some people have regrets later and just release things. It’s definitely irresponsible. »

Zoocheck, a wildlife advocacy group based in Canada, also noted that many of these once-loved pets often meet dark fates.

“The majority of these animals are stressed, physically exhausted and unable to survive,” Zoocheck said on its website. “Most die of starvation, cold or predation.”



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