Smart Route Planner – Function and Intelligence


We all wish we had the remarkable feature in our car that shows us the best routes with minimal traffic. Well, Nissan’s Smart Route Planner is here to do just that!

When you are stuck in a traffic jam, you want your car to be able to decide by analyzing the best route and get you to your destination as soon as possible. The good news is that the smart route planner feature can make this possible!

This nifty feature in cars might not magically clean up traffic, but it does ensure that you take the least congested routes. It’s not that! You can give it information about your destinations or stops, and the route planner will include it in your route!

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Are you excited to learn what else Smart Route Planner can do and how it works? In that case, let’s get started right away!

What is Smart Route Planner?

Smart Route Planner is a technology that can support your journey. You can set up your destination while searching for information such as rating and opening hours, location, etc.

The route planner will collect real-time information to guide you to the most suitable path until you arrive at your destination. It collects data such as the remaining battery level of your vehicle, the remaining distance to your destination, the availability of charging stations and traffic conditions on the route.

The planner will also tell you where you can recharge the vehicle. In addition, it uses the smartphone app to set the destination, air conditioning temperature, departure time, etc. You will step into comfort as soon as you enter the vehicle. The route planner supports comfortable and stress-free travel! Not only the navigation, but the smart route planner can increase the overall convenience of your trip.


How does the smart route planner feature work?

The smart route planner performs location searches using Google like any other navigation tool. The system collects traffic information using Google to suggest a faster, traffic-free route.

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It will also take into account factors such as the remaining battery percentage of the vehicle, the difference in inclination between streets, etc., to calculate the total distance. If you need to recharge the car, it will automatically indicate the charging points falling on the way.

You can even search for cafes, businesses, public places, gas stations, etc. near. Typically, vehicles equipped with smart route planners also have a dedicated smartphone app. Using this application, you can set the air conditioner settings, departure schedule stops and destination in advance.

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Thanks to the smart route planner, it is now easier to avoid traffic jams when traveling around town.



Trust no one but the smart route planner if you want a comfortable and stress-free trip!

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