Shamshera: Sanjay Dutt opens up on role as Ranbir Kapoor’s nemesis in Karan Malhotra’s film


Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, who will play a negative role in the upcoming Shamshera movie, looks very evil, menacing, deadly and cold. He says it’s exciting to play the antagonist because “you have to bend the rules, break the rules”.

Sanjay plays Ranbir Kapoor’s nemesis in the upcoming action artist.

Speaking about his character, he says: “It’s always exciting to play the antagonist because you have to bend the rules, break the rules. I realized that when you play the antagonist there are actually impositions or moral boundaries. You can be disruptive.”

“You can take a paper character and play it any way you want. I have a lot of fun playing an antagonist and I’m lucky people liked my performance as a hero’s nemesis. so far.”

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He says his character Shudh Singh is a role that has never been seen on screen.

“He’s just pure evil. He’s menacing, he’s untrustworthy and he’ll go all the way to wreak havoc. I loved that Karan Malhotra created a villain like this and he thought of me to play this role. He gave me a free hand to bring Shudh Singh to life and I hope people will appreciate my efforts.”

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Sanjay was thrilled to learn of the Shamshera casting stunt that pitted him against Ranbir because four years ago (Ranbir’s last film) the young actor played him in the biopic Sanju.

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He says, “It’s also quite interesting that I’m pitted against Ranbir, who played me in Sanju. So the on-screen feud between him and me becomes all the more interesting for people. Ranbir is a brilliant actor but this film sees him in a new light. His boyish charm is inimitable, but in this film he is a man who finds his place and looks glorious on screen.”

Sanjay collaborates again with director Karan Malhotra after Agneepath. Sanjay had given us a villain for the ages as Kancha in this movie and he hopes audiences shower him with similar love to Shudh Singh in Shamshera.

He says, “Karan always creates a larger than life villain. Whether it’s my character Kancha in Agneepath and now as Shuddh Singh, he knows how to present an antagonist. Personally, I hope he continues to create villains more exciting for me. He is someone who has not left the commercial zone of Indian cinema and I am convinced that with Shamshera he has cooked up a winner.”

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The story of Shamshera is set in the fictional city of Kaza, where a tribe of warriors are imprisoned, enslaved, and tortured by a ruthless overbearing general Shudh Singh. The artist is set in the 1800s in the heart of India.

Directed by Karan Malhotra, the film was produced by Aditya Chopra and is set to be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on July 22.



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