Roger Stone appears to be getting ready for jail by claiming Alex Jones lawyer set him up


Roger Stone seems to be preparing a criminal defense or at least an apology by claiming that Alex Jones’ lawyer framed him.

Stone posted:

If there was nothing incriminating on Alex Jones’ phone, Roger Stone wouldn’t have to claim that he was framed and because he’s Roger Stone, he thinks Alex Jones should sue his lawyer.

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You know what the FBI will have that Roger Stone doesn’t?


Thanks to Roger Stone, law enforcement may have a lot of evidence to use against him.

Roger Stone did this to himself.

Stone is the one who may have sent incriminating messages to Alex Jones.

It seems that the house of cards around Donald Trump is beginning to crumble, and Roger Stone is pulling a page from the classic Nixon playbook by claiming that any evidence against him was intent.

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Roger Stone could very soon end up behind bars again.


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