Police arrest Alexander Yee for allegedly tampering with women’s cars in Milford


MILFORD – Alexander Yee, the man wanted by Milford police for so-called falsification with women’s cars, was arrested in Winchendon on Tuesday.

Police say Yee, 38, from Winchendon, recently targeted young women by flattening their tyres, filling their petrol tanks with water and then offering to drive them home.

Holliston and Franklin police said they received similar reports. Bellingham Police said they were investigating a similar incident at the Charles River Center. Medway is also part of the investigation.

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Milford police have issued a warrant for Yee’s arrest for malicious destruction of property over $1,200.

Last autumn Yee was arrested in Southampton for putting water in a woman’s petrol tank. At the time, investigators said he was suspected of similar incidents in Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester counties as well as southern New Hampshire.



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