“Ozark” dethroned in the Netflix Top 10 by a new show


A few shows came close to getting there, Selling Sunset, Welcome to Eden and The Circle, but eventually a new series dethroned Ozark at the top of Netflix’s top 10 where it’s been planted since its last run of episodes of the season began. 4. , the end of the series.

This new show would be The Lincoln Lawyer. If that sounds familiar, it’s based on both a book series and a 2011 film adaptation starring Matthew McConaughey.

McConaughey is not the lawyer in question this time around, as it is actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. I don’t know him firsthand, but he was in Netflix’s 6 Underground and had a series of Goliath episodes a few years back. But yeah, starring in the #1 show on Netflix in the US is definitely the biggest move of his career, without a doubt. The series also stars Neve Campbell, recently seen reprising her role from Scream. After her, however, I don’t recognize most of the supporting actors, even though I saw 24-year-old Carlos Bernard buried in there. Becki Newton from Divorce, Tell Me a Story and How I Met Your Mother has a big role as Lorna.

The first season of Lincoln Lawyer consists of ten episodes where they each last around 45 to 50 minutes each. The series is based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling books about a lawyer who runs a law firm from his Lincoln Town Car. The show reviews decently well, with 76% reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and a very strong 92% Audience Score. It’s just nice to see Ozark pass the crown to another scripted drama than a reality show. We’ll have to see what kind of legs The Lincoln Lawyer has, and if it’s a flash in the pan, or if Netflix has found its own Reacher or Better Call Saul.

As for Ozark, there’s really nothing more to say. The series is over, not canceled, but allowed to end on its own terms. The final season was split into two with seven episodes each, but we didn’t have to wait long for Part 2, and it ultimately didn’t seem like a ploy to split the Emmy years or anything. Ozark was one of Netflix’s most hyped series that only got better with each season, and it will be missed in their lineup. I bet they absolutely want something to replace it fast. I don’t suspect it will be The Lincoln Lawyer itself, as the tone isn’t even close to the same, but any kind of success would still be good news for them.

Netflix has had a tough time with losing subscribers and questions about its content lineup. But if The Lincoln Lawyer is truly a solid performer between audience and fan support, this will be a much-needed win for them. We’ll see how long it can stay on top, but with over 8 hours of content in Season 1, it may be around for a while. I’ll be checking it out this weekend, so look for my review early next week.

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