‘Overwatch 2’ won’t reset MMR, but it will be reduced on inactive accounts


The Monitor 2 The team answers questions and reveals some details about the sequel in a Reddit AMA today. Blizzard announced last week that major changes were coming to Competitive mode. We know that Team 4 will not reset MMR when transitioning to Monitor 2 in October. However, an MMR decay system will be implemented for inactive accounts.

MORE TAUTOverwatch 2’s competitive mode is getting major changes

“We won’t be performing a full MMR reset for Overwatch 2, but we do plan to reduce the MMR of accounts that haven’t played in a while as part of a new ‘decay’ system,” Surveillance wrote lead system designer Scott Mercer. “A full reset would mean games would be completely unbalanced for weeks or more across the service, and we don’t think that will be a great experience for everyone.”

For those unfamiliar with ROR, it’s called “matchmaking rating”. This is not a publicly available statistic. The developers use MMR to pair players with others who have a similar skill level for fairer matches.

This approach makes sense. Messing up the balance of matchmaking by resetting it for everyone probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

So if you want to climb the revamped ranks, you’ll probably have to work hard for it. Alternatively, if your skills have improved dramatically over the years, but crappy teammates have kept you stuck in the money, you might prefer to start over with a fresh account. Monitor 2 will be free-to-play, after all.

The second beta should start next week. Although it doesn’t look like competitive mode is available, there are plenty of other game changes you can try out. There’s still time to sign up for the beta. You can also get guaranteed access as soon as the beta goes live if you’re willing to shell out for the $40 Watchpoint bundle:

MORE TAUT$40 Overwatch 2: Watchpoint bundle includes guaranteed beta access, skins, and other perks


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