Only On: Van Nuys woman looking for answers while homeless man continues to take over her porch


A Van Nuys woman is at her wits’ end with a homeless man who continues to find his way back to her porch and take it over as if it were his own.

“I’ll call the police for you,” Thompson can hear the man yell in a video recorded by her doorbell camera.

Although she has called the police several times, Shacola Thompson is concerned that the man will just keep coming back. So far, she’s caught him sitting on her furniture, smoking and sleeping on her porch — even leaving a graffiti tag outside her front door.

“I was really annoyed by the fact that someone had the nerve, and was so impudent, to sit there and sleep on someone else’s property,” Thompson said.

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Her doorbell camera has caught the man on many occasions over the past month, counting at least 10 visits so far.

“I don’t know why he chose my terrace,” she said.

On Thursday, her camera alerted her that he was on her porch a little before dawn, prompting her to call the police again. They told him to leave, but he returned hours later, resulting in another appeal to authorities.

When officers sent to the residence asked him if he lived there, he said he did, but unable to show them a key, they forced him to continue.

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“If we get another call here today, you’re going to be fine,” you hear one of the officers say to the man as he walks away from Thompson’s porch.

As she continues to worry about her safety, she hopes something will change in her neighborhood.

“I want this area cleaned up,” Thompson said. “There are a lot of homeless people, or people with intellectual disabilities, hanging out in this area. I want the police to take real action.”

Although she technically lives alone, she doesn’t feel that way anymore.

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“If I go out and sit there and drink my tea or drink my coffee, I don’t have to worry about someone coming around the corner, could they possibly hurt me?” said Thompson.

She is calling on the Homeowners Association to warn all people living in the complex in case anyone can identify him or if he is also hanging out on their property.

LAPD could not be reached for comment on the situation.


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