Norristown woman held for trial in impaired crash that killed PA state troopers and pedestrian on I-95


Jayana Webb, the suspected drunk driver who police say rammed and killed two Pennsylvania state troopers and the pedestrian they were trying to help along Interstate 95 this spring, went on trial Wednesday, but the judge dismissed a charge of third degree murder against the woman.

Webb will be tried and sentenced to decades in prison for the deaths of Soldiers Martin Mack III and Branden Sisca and pedestrian Reyes Rivera Oliveras, after Philadelphia City Court Judge Karen Y. Simmons released her decision after a preliminary hearing in a day on Wednesday which includes several witnesses and experts.

The fatal crash happened Monday, March 21, as the two Troopers were assisting Oliveras on Interstate 95 in the sports stadium area of ​​Philadelphia around 12:40 a.m. Oliveras was walking on the highway, according to the Troop Commander. K James Kemm.

Mack, 33, lived in Bristol Borough with his wife, Stephanie, who attended Wednesday’s hearing, and two daughters. Sisca, 29, of Trappe, Montgomery County, was a recently married fire chief expecting his first child with his wife at the time of the crash.

Soldiers carry the casket to the grave of Pennsylvania State Trooper Martin Mack III.

After the Commonwealth presented its case with testimony from eyewitnesses and expert investigators, Simmons said there was enough evidence to hold 21-year-old Webb for vehicular homicide while DUI, vehicular homicide, as well as two counts of second-degree manslaughter of a law enforcement officer, as well as misdemeanors of manslaughter, recklessly endangering another person and driving while impaired and several summary citations of the circulation.

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Simmons dismissed all three third-degree murder charges against Webb, citing insufficient evidence.

The Philadelphia District Attorney, however, will bring charges against Webb again, according to a report published Wednesday night by the Philadelphia Inquirer. The DA spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Webb, of Norristown in Montgomery County, cried several times when a series of witnesses described seeing her driving recklessly on I-95 before the crash. Testimony also revealed that Webb had been pulled over for speeding before the fatal accident, but had not been ticketed and was allowed to continue driving.

“I told my father to pull over so I could help” the three individuals, said Anna Moryc, a registered nurse who was a passenger in a car that Webb allegedly overtook at high speed before driving off. in the trio. “The individuals were dumped on the north side of the highway. I saw their bodies.”

Moryc said she then checked the vital signs of all three and found none.

“I then looked for the other SUV, which was significantly further up the road.”

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An expert toxicologist testified that Webb had a blood alcohol level of .211 and marijuana in his system, was speeding and tweeting the social media platform Twitter at the time of the crash. Felicia Robinson, another witness who is also a registered nurse, said she smelled alcohol on Webb when she went to help after seeing the accident.

Webb, dressed in black pants, a black sweater and a white collared shirt, cried and looked away when Assistant District Attorney Jessica Chung presented testimony from recreation experts from accident and released a video of the aftermath of the accident and an accident recreation clip.

The court also viewed surveillance video of the moment of impact, obtained from Lincoln Financial Field.

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Webb’s relatives filled the right side of the gallery, while the family of the deceased soldiers and the pedestrian filled the right side. Dozens and dozens of state troopers lined the hallway and lobby of the Juanita Kidd Stout Center for Criminal Justice in downtown Philadelphia.

Webb didn’t interact much with his loved ones behind the glass partition, only appearing to watch them briefly.

Simmons warned all parties to be respectful of one another and allowed the soldiers and Mack, Sicsa and Oliveras families out before Webb’s supporters were allowed to leave.

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Among Webb’s supporters was his mother, who wept and wiped away tears throughout the hearing.

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After Simmons issued his decision to hold Webb, Chung suggested the court “set a high bond” of $3 million.

Webb “faces 9 to 18 minimum, and because of that, she’s at risk of running away,” Chung said. “The seriousness of these charges and allegations” calls for a higher bond.

Walker argued that Webb had no other previous police contact, lived with his mother, and owned his own aspiring hairdressing business.

“This young woman is not a flight risk,” Walker said. “She is not going anywhere and is not a danger to society.”

Simmons said state laws dictate that she must post bail according to law and what Webb can reasonably afford, before posting bail at $200,000 for each of the three counts consolidated against she.

Webb’s mother and immediate family members in the front rows wept at the decision and again at the end of the bail hearing, while the families of the victims and the soldiers remained stoic before quietly walking out of the crowded courtroom.

Webb is scheduled for arraignment at 11 a.m. on July 13.

This article originally appeared on Bucks County Courier Times: Jayana Webb held for trial in crash that killed 2 PA State Troopers


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