Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer Series Is More Crude Exploitation


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This week:

No more hot serial killers! I’m done with it!

I beg it from the bottom of my soul, with the intensity and urgency — if not perhaps the volume — of Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee emails, which I don’t know how I ended up signing up and winning’ it quits. no matter how many times I try to unsubscribe. I’m so passionate about this: please Hollywood, stop making TV shows and movies that make me want to hit serial killers.

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One must believe that this is avoidable. Sure, Hollywood actors are hot. Damn! But maybe we don’t necessarily have to think of the hottest among them as the most devilish among us. Or – here’s an idea! – maybe we shouldn’t continue making projects that portray these men as eerily tortured rather than pure cowards so that we as the public don’t keep thinking, “Oh honey, I can fix you. Just come here and take your shirt off… ”

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Maybe there doesn’t have to be all those lingering shots of their perfect bodies. Maybe we don’t need a whole bunch of scenes that at one point could have just been a placeholder in the screenplay that reads, “This is where a handsome Hollywood It Boy will try to win his Emmy Award.” I don’t know; I’m just playing spitball.

When they made that Ted Bundy movie with Zac Efron, I didn’t not moan to myself as he was searched in prison. Saying “I’d let Darren Criss do unspeakable things to me” takes on a whole different meaning when he plays Andrew Cunanan, a man who killed Gianni Versace and four other people.

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Now there’s Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer, who murdered and tortured 17 men over the course of 30 years — and, as filmed in Netflix’s new Ryan Murphy production, looks like an absolute snack.

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer

Thanks to Netflix

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story premiered earlier this week. I can’t believe a TV title gets stuck so nonsensical and annoying, I can’t believe we’re doing this all over again. The series is another over-the-top recontextualization of a demonic serial killer, one that masks his gross arousal in a goal to supposedly reclaim the stories for the victims. However, those victims are grossly exploited and traumatized again. (Example: a relative of one of the victims of Dahmer tweet his displeasure this week that the series exists.)

That’s especially troubling when it comes to Dahmer, who would lure gay men — overwhelmingly men of color — back to his apartment, where he would engage in cannibalism and necrophilia in addition to sex acts and murder.

I haven’t found a better way to say this than how Daniel Fienberg does in his The Hollywood Reporter review, so here’s his take: “This development of tension by ‘Is he going to eat this victim?’ or “Is he going to have sex with this victim?” makes audiences’ minds, an indictment of gaping viewers that I might find more compelling had it not come from the creative team behind countless seasons of American horror story and the network behind feature-length documentaries about every serial killer imaginable.”

Obviously, this is already the number one series on Netflix.

Perfect man gets perfect role

It’s still outrageous that Jonathan Bailey is still not my husband.

that the star of BridgertonWho is currently filming a gay romance with Matt Bomer who looks perfect not realizing that despite never meeting, we have an electric and unquestionable sexual connection is quite disturbing. Yet I continue to support him. As such, I couldn’t be more proud of my beloved who was cast as Fiyero in the this week Bad movies, opposite Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo.

When I was 17, my best friend drove us home from theater rehearsal for our high school’s production of Boys and dolls. We were so distracted by lugging along Bad karaoke tracks that we didn’t notice were speeding until we were stopped by a cop – a humbling moment to say the least. I’d like to tell teenage Kevin that he would one day write an ode to the casting of his (fictional) husband in the movie version of the show.

And if anyone doubts that he will be spectacular in the role, first of all rude; second, here’s a clip of him auditioning for a UK production of: The last five years. Warning: mr. Jonathan Bailey-Fallon is so attractive in this video that it borders on pornographic.

The Golden Globes are back. How so?

Significant showbiz news this week is that the Golden Globes are returning to NBC after several years of controversy surrounding the organization’s lack of diversity, allegations of inappropriate behavior by various members, and reports of bribery and corruption.

Yes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has taken steps to reform and diversify its membership, though the question remains whether the efforts are satisfactory — or whether the group even deserves a comeback.

Tom Hanks at the Golden Globes


This “welcome” from NBC seems half-hearted to say the least: The 2023 ceremony will air on a Tuesday, the most famous of all nights in Hollywood. I can’t imagine who would show up for this, given the extent of the controversy in the past. As for landing a host? What celebrity in their right mind would agree to that? And what publicist would allow that?

So I think we’re all looking forward to journalists in an empty room announcing prizes on NBC on Tuesday night in January. Sounds glamorous as hell.

The Sacred Trilogy We All Deserve

The Biggest News of the Week: Whoopi Goldberg Still Trying to Get Sister Act 3 made, and she’s going to make sure co-star Jenifer Lewis is a part of it too. “You know we’re still going to make that movie,” Goldberg said during an interview with Lewis on The view. “And I’d do anything to work with her because she’s fun.” Praise them.

What to watch this week:

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: We are only a few days away from the return of the best television series. (Wednesday on Bravo)

Ghosts: This series was such an unexpected delight last season. (Thursday on TAUT)

Sydney: A moving portrait of Sidney Poitier’s life and career, as he deserves. (Now on Apple TV+)

What to skip this week:

don’t worry baby: The film is as much of a disaster as its press tour. (Now in cinemas)

blond: Everyone’s opinion on this is extreme and completely different. Exhausting! (Now in theaters; Wed. on Netflix)

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