Mo Brooks opens door to overthrowing Trump and cooperating with 1/6 committee


After being exposed as having sought a presidential pardon for his involvement in Trump’s coup attempt, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) opened the door to cooperation with the 1/6 Committee.

Brooks tweeted a letter he sent to the Committee:

In his letter, he tries to make several demands of the Committee, including that his testimony must be taken in public while the House is in session, it must relate only to matters involving 1/6, and only Committee members may testify. interrogate.

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The 1/6 Committee is redoing the subpoena for Rep. Brooks because they couldn’t serve the first one on him before it expired.

Mo Brooks is unable to dictate his terms to the 1/6 committee, but the fact that he is willing to testify after Trump dropped him in the Alabama Senate primary suggests cracks could develop. form in the wall of silence surrounding the accomplices of the putsch.

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Since there will be more Committee 1/6 hearings in July, it will be harder for Republicans like Brooks to run out of time for the inquiry.

Mo Brooks could say a lot of things to the Committee, and he certainly could not set the conditions for his appearance.


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