Mark Henry talks AEW, calls WWE writers ‘perverts’ for sex therapist and Mae Young storyline


Shakiel Mahjouri spoke to “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry about what he does in AEW, the worst storylines told to him in WWE, the Hall of Pain, Strongman and more.

Mark Henry talks about his strategy for getting talent to follow his advice:

“Well, a lot of it is experience. An experienced producer, an experienced writer, an experienced agent or coach can say to any athlete they work with, ‘I’ve done it 150 or 200 times. You’ve never done it. So why take don’t just take my advice and see if it works.’ 99% of the time the athlete says, “Let’s go.” Then there’s that little little spot where someone goes against the grain and you say, ‘Okay, let’s do it your way.’ That’s my philosophy. I want you to show me that you can succeed. But if you fail, I’ll tell you, ‘Now, we’re ready to listen.’ Some people argue and fight and the talent tends to rebel against that I don’t do that It’s like I let you fail The same goes for my kids I make them fail because it means more when you pick them up if they see you know what you’re talking about.”

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