Man jumps off balcony at the last minute caught in terrifying video


The long – and strong – arm of law and order saved one perpetrator from certain death.

Heartbreaking video obtained by South West News Service captured the moment a man attempted to jump — but was rescued — from an 11th-floor balcony.

The incident happened after a man and his girlfriend were involved in an argument in Stavropol, Russia, according to local police reports. He reportedly tried to throw her over the edge first – a fall from 120 feet – but failed.

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Instead, he allegedly inflicted “physical injury” on her.

The couple shared the balcony with neighbors who came out when they heard screams. When they came out, the man tried to jump over the edge.

But the heroic neighbor grabbed his hand at the last minute and pulled it back across the balcony, where he was held until police arrived.

The man was also charged with greeting officials with foul language and resisting arrest. His bad day got worse when he was detained and is now under investigation on suspicion of attempted murder.

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The woman was rushed to hospital on the spot. Her current condition is unknown.

Police have not released the names of anyone involved in this case.



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