Long queues at Jersey Shore are a positive sign for businesses desperate to recover from a pandemic


ASBURY PARK, NJ – Memorial Day weather was perfect and brought large crowds to the Jersey Shore on Monday.

That was good news for businesses battling the pandemic, as beachgoers walked out despite record gas prices, TAUT’s Kevin Rincon reported.

The rides, games and waves at the beach made this Memorial Day memorable for families.

“It actually feels good. Look at everyone, everyone is happy. It feels good to see everyone happy. What else can I feel? You feel good,” Shakiada Faniel said , who brought his children.

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There were lots of little kids enjoying the sun, and lots of bigger kids too.

“We went in the water. We just played spike ball all day, having fun. It was a good time,” Krish Bansal said.

“The water is freezing at first, but it’s fantastic once you get used to it,” said Julian Netter.

It’s hard not to enjoy the beach when the weather is so nice. But getting there and enjoying all the boardwalk has to offer has become more expensive. Not just in Asbury Park, but everywhere.

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At Jenkinson in Point Pleasant Beach, inflation is a concern.

“Our costs have gone up. It’s something we’re working with,” Lisa Lightbody said.

Rising gas prices are part of the problem. AAA said the average cost of a gallon of regular fuel in New Jersey is $4.75.

The mayor of Point Pleasant hopes that helps, not hurts, this summer.

“People are not going to drive to distant destinations. They are going to stay at home where they spend less money on gas,” Mayor Paul Kanitra said.

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For local businesses like Atlantic Offshore Fishery, having their own boat is one way to try to cut costs.

“My son is the fisherman, with his crew. So we try, but it was very difficult,” said co-owner Adriana Sarapochillo.

Jersey Shore business owners hope people want to get out of the house. They need a major financial rebound to recover from the pandemic.

The long Memorial Day lines were encouraging.



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