Lidl becomes highest-paying supermarket after largest investment ever in wage increase


idl will become the highest paying supermarket in the UK after announcing a pay increase for all store and warehouse workers next week.

Entry level hourly rates at the company will rise to £11.95 from £11.30 in London, while wages will rise in the rest of the UK to £10.90 from £10.10 from early October. Those who work night shifts will receive a supplement of £3 per hour instead of the usual £2 per hour.

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The move is Lidl’s highest-ever investment in hourly wages as the battle to fill the vacancies in supermarkets heats up.

Lidl GB CEO, Ryan McDonnell, said: “We have introduced these rate increases to reflect the key role and tireless efforts of our incredible colleagues who work across our 935 stores and 13 warehouses.

“The role we play as a discounter in giving households access to good and affordable food should not be underestimated, now more than ever. But the continued commitment and dedication of our colleagues to make it all possible for our customers can’t be underestimated either – our business simply wouldn’t run without them.”

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Last week Sainsbury’s announced entry-level wages in London would rise from £11.05 to £11.30 an hour, while Waitrose owner John Lewis announced £500 payout to workers to help them deal with the cost of living. Yesterday M&S unveiled a £15m living cost package to support staff.

The move is the latest sign of the economic power of low-cost supermarkets as they become increasingly attractive to cash-strapped shoppers amid mounting cost of living pressures. Last week, Aldi replaced Morrisons and became the UK’s fourth largest supermarket, according to data from Kantar, while Waitrose’s sales fell 4.7% over the year.

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