Lena Dunham’s Sharp Stick Trailer Sparks Sexual Healing With A Shirtless Jon Bernthal


Lena Dunham harnesses the power of sex in a way Hollywood has rarely seen before in her latest feature film, pointed stick.

Below, EW has the first exclusive trailer for the upcoming comedy, which follows sensitive, wide-eyed caregiver Sarah Jo (Kristine Froseth) as she begins sleeping with her married employer, Josh (Jon Bernthal). . When Josh breaks off the affair and moves back in with his wife Heath (Dunham), Sarah Jo finds herself on a surprising journey of self-exploration, education, and sexual healing.

Dunham says she wrote pointed stick to bring audiences “to confront the innate judgment and shame around female desire” in both life and film. “It’s a joke as old as celluloid that the minute we see a sexually active girl in a horror movie, we know she’s going to die a bloody death,” Dunham said in a statement. on the movie. “She let someone touch her below the neck, and so she’s charged with murder. But there’s a more subtle crime we commit against women on camera, where female characters who dare to take a sexual trip can not be completely murdered, but they endure another kind of torture – a more exquisite and subtle one.”

She explains, “It’s a torture of judgment, of questioning, of self-doubt, of loneliness and of regret in the face of choices that should ultimately be part of the fabric of self-actualization in the same way that it can to be for their male counterparts.Interrogating these cinematic inequities, I began to imagine a character whose sexual journey would be totally unique, free from shame or self-hatred or projections from others.She would use sex not to destroy her body but to heal him from a history of medicalized trauma and cultural projection.”

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Also starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Zola‘s Taylour Paige (who also co-produced the film), Luka Sabbat, Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Scott Speedman as the porn star who pops in and out of the story, pointed stick will hit theaters in New York and Los Angeles on July 29, followed by a nationwide rollout on August 5. The film will be available on digital platforms from August 16.

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Watch the trailer for pointed stick above and check out an exclusive first look at the poster below.

pointed stick

Filmnation Lena Dunham’s “Sharp Stick” movie poster.

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