Latest political news: Threat of no-confidence to Boris Johnson is a ‘distraction’ for the government, minister admits


HHolidaymakers faced widespread delays and queues at UK airports ahead of the bank holiday weekend (you can read the full story here).

The government has blamed the airlines squarely, arguing that the industry has failed to recruit enough staff.

Lord Parkinson, the Arts Minister, told Sky News: ‘Colleagues in the Department for Transport have been working with industry, we have been doing this for many months, urging them to ensure they have enough staff so that thanks to the success of the vaccine roll-out when people can travel again that people can take the holidays they missed and deserved and of course that causes a lot of stress for people, especially halfway through , people with family and children with them, it is very distressing if you show up at the airport and your flight is not ready.

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“So we told the industry that they needed to be prepared for this, that they needed the staff they needed to make sure people could get away and enjoy the holidays.”



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