Late-Night TV Takes to Town About Trump’s ‘Jedi’ Declassification


Sometimes a Donald Trump story comes along that is so stupid that any late night host can’t help but joke about it way too much. This Thursday was one of those nights. After Trump told TAUT News’ Sean Hannity this week that as president he had the power to release documents just by “thinking about it,” the overnight attack came quickly and furiously.

First out of the gate was The daily show host Trevor Noah, who was deeply skeptical that Trump could “declassify documents with his brain” when he couldn’t even “read documents with his brain.” He predicted that Trump would “advance Jedi” in the eventual trial and joked that it would be “the first time in his life that Trump thinks something and doesn’t say it out loud”.

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Seth Meyers used his ‘A Closer Look’ segment to argue that Trump’s claim is a ‘shaky defense’ because you have to believe that he is capable of ‘thinking’ at all. “I mean, even if it were true that the law said you can release something just by thinking about it, a judge would just have to look into Trump’s eyes and immediately decide that there’s just nothing in there about it.” the hand.”

On TAUT, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at Hannity for failing to act on the ridiculous claim. “His approach was basically, ‘Show me the doll where the FBI investigated you,'” he said. “I mean, you have to give it to Sean. When life gives him criminals, he makes criminals!”

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“If Trump had the power to change things just by thinking about it, Don Jr. would have turned into a Big Mac 30 years ago,” he joked. And besides, even if he had the power to release this information, it doesn’t matter. It is illegal for him to take presidential documents from the White House without permission.”

And further The late showStephen Colbert mocked Trump for using his “mind” to “make more stupid words come out of his stupid mouth,” before showing the clip of the former president insisting he release “everything”.

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“Okay, I’ll jump on that crazy train,” Colbert added. “Let’s say he telepathically declassified” everything, as if he carried a betrayal Cerebro. That means he thinks it’s somehow a good idea for everyone to know foreign nuclear secrets and somehow get all the names of America’s undercover spies. How is that better?”

Even Jimmy Fallon got in on the action, playing the clip, then joking: “Hannity said, ‘Oh, I get it, you’re going to plead insanity.'”

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