Labor constitutional reform suggests abolition of the House of Lords


The Labor Party could consider replacing the House of Lords with an assembly of regions and nations.

The suggestion was made in a draft constitutional reform led by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The draft also suggested transferring new economic powers, including taxation, to local regions and decentralized countries, the Guardian said.

The newspaper, which saw a leaked copy of the review, reported that the measures under consideration include allowing local democratically elected bodies to promote bills in parliament, giving citizens a constitutional guarantee of social and economic rights, and give mayors power over local education, transportation and research funding.

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A new ethics panel could see a jury of citizens rule on complaints against MPs as part of a wider crackdown on standards in Parliament.

Second jobs for MPs could be banned and a new code of conduct could replace the ministerial code under the proposals.

Labor did not deny the coverage, but emphasized that the committee’s work is ongoing.

A Labor spokesperson said: “This refers to one of many early drafts. The committee has yet to rule on all these matters.”

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Party leader Sir Keir Starmer instructed Mr Brown, who was ranked No. 10 from 2007 to 2010, to lead the inquiry into possible reforms last September.

The agreed measures could reportedly be unveiled later this year.



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