Kylie Jenner SLAMS accused an Instacart employee of ‘lying’ about hearing her son cry


Kylie Jenner has slammed a delivery driver who claims he heard “a baby cry” while delivering food to her Los Angeles-area mansion.

Speaking to his 400,000 TikTok followers on Tuesday, Pablo Tamayo, believed to be employed by US grocery delivery service Instacart, said he heard the anguished cries of a child at the sprawling property after filling a small order. online for the billionaire.

Jenner, 24, has since responded to the claims in a since-deleted post, posting, “Lying for attention is rubbing me the wrong way, sorry.”

Pablo Tamayo posted a clip on Tuesday in which he claimed to have purchased $12 worth of pepperoni from Erewhon grocery store in West Hollywood for the Instacart order

Latest: Kylie Jenner, 24, pushed back at a man who said he was an Instacart worker claiming he heard ‘a baby cry’ as he delivered food to his mansion from the Los Angeles area

Tamayo, 20, said he visited the property after buying $12 worth of pepperoni from West Hollywood grocery store Erewhon on behalf of the young socialite, a parent to four-year-old daughter Stormi and a a five-month-old son, Wolf, with rapper Travis Scott.

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When he saw the house in upscale Holmby Hills, he realized it belonged to the Los Angeles-born makeup mogul.

He said the order was placed “under Ashton’s name, so I guess it’s for his assistant or something,” adding, “That b**** could have paid me more.”

Tamayo said he was told he should “call and … walk through the door” instead of leaving the order outside, and that he felt nervous approaching.

Tamayo was seen approaching a house and asking a person at the scene, “Is this Kylie Jenner’s house?”

Tamayo said he said he had to

Tamayo said he was told he had to “call and… walk through the door” instead of leaving the order outside, and he felt nervous approaching.

Tamayo was seen narrating in his vehicle, when he said he ‘just walked into Kylie’s house’ and ventured ‘through this little path with like a river below”.

Tamayo said he was instructed to drop off the food at the entrance to the house, and that he was able to “look all over the house” and saw “all these assistants, all these maids and these bullshit…didn’t see Kylie, didn’t see Stormi, but I swear I heard a baby cry.

The Kylie Cosmetics entrepreneur, who welcomed her second child with rapper Travis Scott, 31, on February 2, refuted Tamayo’s claims in a TikTok post, saying “nobody walks through the door” of her home and that there is “no river”. talk about.

She added the comment

She added the comment “If you don’t know what I’m talking about, carry on”

Tamayo added a photo of Jenner's TikTok with the pepperoni he delivered

Tamayo added a photo of Jenner’s TikTok with the pepperoni he delivered

The Life of Kylie personality, who is also a mother to daughter Stormi, four, with Scott, said she ‘didn’t order’ the food and the driver ‘was knocked down by the app’ .

Tamayo “also lied seeing through my windows and hearing my son crying,” Jenner said in a comment she later deleted.

Earlier Thursday, Jenner shared a post in which she shared a photo of a deli-style sandwich that apparently included the pepperoni Tamayo had delivered. She added the comment, “If you don’t know what I’m talking about, carry on.”

She was also seen enjoying the sandwich with Scott, which Tamayo reposted with the caption, “your welcome travis.”



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