January 6 rioter Doug Jensen who chased Eugene Goodman found guilty on all counts


Doug Jensen, a Jan. 6 rioter who stormed the U.S. Capitol wearing a QAnon t-shirt and chased the Capitol’s acclaimed Eugene Goodman police station, was found guilty Friday of all seven charges he faced.

The Iowa man was one of the first rioters to enter the Capitol, according to the government.

“Doug Jensen would not be stopped on Jan. 6 until he got what he came for: to stop the peaceful transfer of power,” federal prosecutors said during their closing plea.

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The most serious charge, obstructing official proceedings, carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

A criminal hearing is scheduled for December 16.

Jensen’s lawyers argued at trial that he was not armed, did not appear to coordinate with other rioters and should not be punished for the biggest consequences of January 6.

“Jan. 6 is not sitting at that table; Doug Jensen does,” his attorney Christopher Michael Davis said in his closing statement.

Police in the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riots painted a different picture of Jensen.

U.S. Capitol Police Inspector Thomas Lloyd testified that the Iowa man was “arrogant” and “snooty” and the “leader of the crowd at the time” by the time they met.

“He knew he had a lot more muscle behind him than I did,” said Mr Lloyd.

Prosecutors also showed video of Jensen chasing Office Goodman up a stairwell.

The former US Capitol police officer is credited with risking his own life to lead a group of angry rioters away from the nearby Senate Chamber.

He was honored for his heroism with a Congressional Gold Medal last year, and he accompanied Vice President Kamala Harris to the presidential inauguration.

“It looked like something out of the Middle Ages, where you see a big force fighting another force,” he said in June.

So far, according to USA Today, federal officials have charged more than 850 people from 48 states with crimes related to the January 6 uprising.


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