How to lower your property taxes


DALLAS (TAUT) – Most North Texans now have about a month to decide whether they want to push back the biggest one-year rise in property values ​​that appraisers say they have ever seen.

Values ​​that help determine property tax bills later this year rise 20-30% across the region in 2021. Faced with this, experts say it may be harder to get a decrease this year, but it doesn’t hurt to try.


One of the easiest places to start is to make sure you have exemptions that reduce the overall dollar amount your taxes are based on. If property is your property, the major places you live in, that drops $25,000 off the number of school districts that they base their taxes on. Cities and counties may also offer homestead exemptions. Owners over 65 or disabled, as well as disabled veterans can also check exemptions.

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You can apply for a homestead exemption at any time and apply it retroactively for up to two years if you missed it in the past.

Online events

Homeowners can access their county’s appraisal district online, log in, and generally see which nearby properties and sales were used to determine the value of their home. Some will allow you to offer alternative value and get an instant response.

You may want to add more evidence to your argument, and you can do that in one place.

Upload photos of hail damage to your home; the kitchen which has not been redone since the construction of the house; repair estimate for major problems.

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Anything that will show that your home is potentially less valuable than others it is being compared to can be helpful.

Informal visits

If you’d rather share all of this with a real person, that’s also an option. Depending on where you live, assessment staff will usually correspond by email, phone, or at the office in person.

Bring all the same evidence, and they may be able to agree with you on a lower value.

New buyers or those who have refinanced within the past year can often use this option, using closing documents as proof of a lower value than offered by an appraisal district.

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Formal protest hearing

If none of the above achieves a value you can live with, you can schedule a formal protest hearing in front of a panel. These are open to the public so you can observe how they work before you get started.

Request all evidence from assessment districts in advance so you know what they will present. Then you can present yours, using photos, videos, repair quotes; always using the facts the experts say, not the emotions to make your point.


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