Horror moment man struggles with kangaroo after huge animal chases him


A man ‘punched’ a kangaroo after it started attacking it – and lived to tell the tale.

The terrifying animal encounter captured on CCTV shows victim Cliff Des running through a neighborhood as he frantically tries to escape the crazed marsupial from New South Wales, Australia.

He manages to fend off the kangaroo for a few seconds with a tree branch, but soon he pushes him to the ground and begins his assault.

He then leaps forward before backing up to land several punches on the man.

His dog then steps in to try to protect his owner as the roo’s attacks intensify, before quickly retreating.

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A man in Australia punched a kangaroo in the body after it tried to beat it

A number of blows are exchanged as the man walks towards the beast and he finally manages to knock it down by his foot.

He then manages to successfully pin the kangaroo to the ground as the dog returns to the scene, seemingly sensing victory.

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Speaking to Australia’s Today programme, Cliff said he got entangled in the Man vs Roo fracas after seeing the beast trying to grab his dogs in the front garden.

He said: “He was a crazy six foot roo trying to snatch my little dogs from the yard. I approached him, about 30 feet away to try and chase him away, but he wouldn’t leave.”

Cliff Des received severe scratches from the
Cliff Des received severe scratches from the ‘mad roo’ but suffered no serious injuries

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“I thought this guy was serious, he was going to bastardize me if I didn’t, I put him down.”

He added that the injuries sustained by the kangaroo included being bitten on the finger, scratched on the head, having a claw “about an inch and a half” taken through its hind leg and having its pants ripped “down to the wrist. “.

Cliff, however, managed to keep a sense of humor despite his close shave.

Asked by the TV host if the kangaroo was interested in him, he joked: “Maybe I’m so good looking he mistook me for one of his daughters.”



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