Horror as body of 3-year-old girl found in trash can – with nan arrested for murder


A 60-year-old woman has been arrested after the body of her three-year-old granddaughter was found in a bin outside her home.

Grandmother Becky Ann Vreeland has been charged with first degree murder and child neglect and is currently being held in Cleveland County Jail.

Following a panicked 911 call from inside the house, police rushed to the woman’s home in Oklahoma City, where two other children were also present.

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There they found the body of three-year-old Riley Nolan in a trash can, although it is unclear how the child died.

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Staff Sergeant Gary Knight told reporters: “Officers found clear signs of trauma to the child’s body. The child had been dead for at least some time. It hadn’t just happened. »

The three-year-old girl was found dead in a trash can

Vreeland, who was caring for the little girl, was questioned by police before his arrest.

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Alarmed residents were surprised to see their neighborhood turned into a crime scene.

Next door neighbor Marsha Brannum said: ‘I wish I had paid more attention to it. I don’t understand because she sounded like a very hardworking grandmother and I could hear her playing with the children in the garden.

Brannum revealed that she spoke with Vreeland just days ago.

Neighbors said they often heard the grandmother playing in the garden with the dead girl and two other children
Neighbors said they often heard the grandmother playing in the garden with the dead girl and two other children

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“It’s just overwhelming,” she added. “I see my grandkids and I always tell them ‘don’t be so friendly, you can’t trust anyone,'” she said.

Another resident, Jack Cribbs, told KFOR: “It’s shocking that such a thing is happening. Just what? 200 meters away?

“I keep them in my prayers. I didn’t really know the people. I hate to see something like this happen to a child, or even anyone.

KFOR said police have not disclosed whether the grandmother confessed to involvement in the girl’s death and the investigation is still in its early stages.




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