Hockey brand Bauer collaborates with Don C on his first streetwear venture


Hockey is a sport that has found its way from Canada to the arenas and streets of America, solidifying a sports culture that relishes the ice of the winter season and the scorching pavement of the summer. The nearly 100-year-old first equipment institution known as Bauer was the equipment provider for hockey fans around the world and was the first to turn the blade on, creating the ice skate.

Today, hockey cornerstone Bauer launches its first-ever streetwear vertical called Bauer X with a micro-collection and collaboration with a streetwear innovator. Don C, the creative entrepreneur and creative strategy and design advisor to the Chicago Bulls, leverages his Just Don label in conjunction with the name Bauer X. The partnership opens up two worlds to each other. A cross between streetwear and a love of sport, which Don C has been passionate about since the beginning of his career, hailing from the Southside of Chicago and following local teams, including the Blackhawks hockey team.

Bauer carefully crafted the collab noted by apparel director Greg Weinstein. Weinstein says that “Bauer X was developed with care and thought, from a fusion of interests and hobbies across multiple audiences and networks. The brand’s goal is to bring new audiences into the field of hockey by creating a line of products based on the interests of those who may not already know hockey.We drew inspiration from the following: hip-hop, architecture, design, art and the sport. “

Don C is the first to collaborate with Bauer X on a streetwear capsule, and the hockey institution intends to collaborate with others, including brands and creatives. Bauer is expanding its already expansive offering of hockey gear, from sticks to skates, shoulder pads and goggles, while staying true to its aesthetic with its first launch as a lifestyle brand.

The Bauer X merchandise consists of a mask t-shirt, global crew neck and socks in black and white colourways with dot patterns. With the Just Don x Bauer X collaboration, Don C went back to his roots with the design elements he chose for the capsule. Along with a $135 branded collaboration t-shirt, an impressive leather jersey that retails for $900 will definitely catch your eye. It’s the lambskin hockey mask with python accents and the all-python hockey face mask that are the horns of the bull for Don C. The python and leather are reminiscent of his branded Just Don x adjustable hats. NBA which came in leather and also in python Material.

“Going into this project, I wanted the direction to center around my own personal reimagining of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey jersey,” says Don C of the collaboration with Bauer. Imagined with a new silhouette of a bird in flight, the Chicago cityscape and the captain’s “C”; it pays homage to my hometown and the franchises that define themselves. The back of the jersey welcomes the debut of Bauer X with their head – logo facing down backwards – Bauer’s first foray into streetwear. The jersey number – 27 – honors the year Bauer was officially founded, 1927; an ode to the brand’s heritage.”

This collaboration is a subtle entry into streetwear, but with a heavyweight like Don C, the philosophy of this Bauer X collection is authentic to sports culture and streetwear. Don C’s love for sports and fashion is genuine, and it shows in his attention to detail in his collaborative design elements. The Bauer X and Just Don x Bauer X capsules are available May 13, 2022 on Bauer platforms, available while supplies last, and items could go fast with Don C behind the design.


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