French-style zoff election campaign…in Zofingen, Switzerland



French zoff campaign – to Zofingen in Aargau

Switzerland becomes the scene of the turbulent electoral campaign for the French National Assembly: even foreign French people from the same party are now fighting on Swiss soil.

Marc Ferracci, Macron’s candidate in the constituency of the Swiss Abroad.

Image: Keystone

The first round of legislative elections will take place in France on June 12. The main question is whether President Emmanuel Macron, who was re-elected in April, will secure a government majority in the National Assembly, which has 577 members. A few seats go to French nationals living abroad. A constituency covers Switzerland and Liechtenstein, where nearly 150,000 French people are called upon to vote.

Sent to Switzerland by Marcon

This sixth constituency is this time very controversial. The traditionally bourgeois attitude of the French abroad living in Switzerland means that the conservatives present themselves with several candidates at the same time – from the moderate Republican to the supporter of the right-wing ex-presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. Macron also sends an economist to Switzerland with Marc Ferracci.

This friend of the Head of State does not live in Switzerland himself, but undoubtedly owes an appointment to the fact that he knows Macron personally. This earned him the accusation of being a favorite of Macron who took advantage of the bad French habit of “parachuting”: he jumped into the countryside in Switzerland by parachute, so to speak, having nothing to do with this country .

It’s even more “French” on the left. Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s “La France insoumise” (LFI) party is starting the campaign in the Swiss constituency with Magali Mangin, which officially started on Monday. The young Frenchwoman lives in German-speaking Switzerland and works in a pharmaceutical company in Zofingen (AG).

This is undoubtedly the reason why her own replacement Fabian Rousseau is now turning against her. As the Parisian newspaper Liberation reports, Rousseau accuses the LFI candidate, that is to say his own team partner, of being in reality a “big pharma lobbyist”, that is to say the pharmaceutical industry, thereby betraying its left-wing ideals. “She would make a very good macronist,” sneers her friend from the party, whose party has declared Macron to be her sworn enemy.

With the parachute to Switzerland

Rousseau also accuses the young Frenchwoman of having been transferred to the Swiss constituency by the leadership of the national party in Paris in a non-transparent way – in other words: Mangin also benefited from a “parachuting”.

Rousseau is all the more angry because he thinks that the atmosphere in the traditionally bourgeois constituency of French people living abroad could swing to the left for the first time. At least Mélenchon’s left-wing “Popular Union” has a chance of advancing to the second round. However, nothing should come of it if number one and number two of the same party go to war.

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