Former Dallas ISD Police Chief Says There’s a Trend When Threats Happen


NORTH TEXAS (TAUT) – A student was arrested Thursday in Keller ISD after carrying a gun and ammunition on the campus of Timber Creek High School.

Everman ISD was hit by a new threat on Thursday after authorities spotted a shooting threat on social media.

“I think we’re seeing more threats right now,” said Craig Miller, a school security expert who was previously the Dallas ISD police chief.

Miller said there is a trend when these threats seem to happen.

“School threats have always been around the end of the year, the beginning of the year, when the Christmas break comes you see an escalation, when the spring break comes you see an escalation,” Miller added.

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The threats can occur in clusters.

“I think when a kid sees someone else get a reaction, they’ll try to copy that, if you want,” Miller said.

Social media has changed the game, Miller says, when it comes to how quickly these threats, real or fake, can spread.

“People can sometimes post anonymously and that’s why I think the timeliness and how quickly messages can go out,” Miller added.

After what happened in Uvalde, every threat is looked at with more eyes.

“We don’t want anyone to think we’re afraid to do our job or that we won’t do our job, so I think we’re in a period right now in this post-Uvalde time where I think we’re going to overreact. as law enforcement officers,” Miller said.

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The effects of a threat, Miller says, can stay with you for the rest of your life.

“Any time you make a threat, like what happened in Everman today or what happened in the past few weeks, that poses a terrorist threat in the state of Texas, which is a state prison crime,” Miller added.

His advice for parents: be curious.

“It’s important for parents to know that you need to be in your kids’ business. You need to know who they’re talking to on social media, you need to know what platforms they’re dealing with on social media,” Miller said.

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One thing Miller said is that people see and say something when they see a threat and tell the authorities.



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