Firefighters fight large fire near Canterbury University


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Firefighters fight a major fire expected to “completely destroy” a dilapidated two-storey home in the Christchurch suburb of Riccarton.

Fire and emergency manager Lyn Crosson said they received multiple calls about the fire around 9 p.m.

Crosson said the building was a “derelict two-story house” on Kirkwood Avenue, just off Clyde Rd.

“It’s still burning…will be completely destroyed.”

What was left of the structure was in danger of collapsing, she said, but no one was thought to be in danger.

The building was well on fire when the crews arrived, Crosson said they had six crew members, an antenna unit and a commando unit on site.

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A spokesman for the University of Canterbury said the fire was in a vacant building near the campus, but not at the university itself.

They called on students to avoid the area around the university recreation center.

“Getting together or driving by to sightsee can hinder the firefighters, so please avoid the area.”

Traffic management is in place on Clyde Road and Riccarton Road, which leads to Kirkwood Avenue, while emergency services extinguish the fire.

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Anne-Marie Robinson, who lives nearby, said it appeared the fire was in “a very large old house just off Clyde Rd”.

Firefighters were evacuating some nearby homes, she said, but many university students had come to the cordon to check.

“It’s a really big old house… It’s a huge fire, the whole house is in flames.”

All that remained were a pair of brick chimneys.

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“It’s the biggest thing that’s happened in ages on Clyde Rd.”



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