Ferrari Roma BrandVoice: Discover La Nuova Dolce Vita


Unlock the Ferrari Roma Black Box for an immersive and unforgettable brand experience.

The Ferrari Roma is the powerful distillation of the iconic luxury automotive brand’s La Nuova Dolce Vita, that epic celebration of the great Italian lifestyle. But why do Lee and Nina have an open invitation to immerse themselves in this new sensory spectacle?

For Nina, this may be down to her commitment to maintaining the perfect work-life balance, which sees her deliver cutting-edge professionalism without compromising her love of exclusive, bespoke experiences. Whether it’s low-key, invitation-only fashion previews of the new season, intimate tastings during the soft openings of fine-dining restaurants, or simply off-schedule evenings that offer the chance to catch up on the latest technologies, she always finds the time to indulge.

Although Lee, her partner, comes from quite a different background, he shares Nina’s love for unique experiences, while also being very particular about the brands he chooses to engage with. Speaker of the aeronautical sector, he has a natural attraction for innovation and performance. However, that did not dampen his appreciation of age-old traditions and, above all, true elegance.

Forward-thinking brand advocates

“In a weird way,” he says, “I think we have a hell of a responsibility. Many of our friends look to us to take the lead. It was never our intention, but where we lead the way, others tend to follow. Although this is a compliment, it also means that we have to be very selective about what we actually approve of.

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Nina agrees, saying, “It’s almost a full-time job in itself. We used to follow a whole bunch of brands, relishing staying one step ahead and relishing the privilege of being in the know. Over time, however, we’ve narrowed it down, selecting the fashion, tech, lifestyle and entertainment brands that resonate with us time and time again. While we’ve sometimes disagreed about our allegiances, that’s never been the case with cars. It’s Ferrari through and through for us.

It was their constant admiration for the legendary car brand headquartered in Maranello that introduced them to the Black Box. “A few months ago,” says Lee, “we started hearing rumors that something very special was going on, something to do with the Ferrari Roma…”

Nina picks up the story: “We followed the Ferrari Roma, of course. It’s very much our kind of car – elegant, extraordinarily fun to drive, distinctive and timeless. It’s been described as a contemporary take on the carefree, hedonistic Rome of the 1950s and 1960s, and we really buy into it. Reviews of its performance and handling also piqued our interest somewhat.

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“From a few publications and some of the articles we came across, we realized that some people had the opportunity to get closer to Ferrari Roma. Of course, we were completely intrigued.

Beyond the black box

As an aviation professional, hints of a Black Box were particularly compelling to Lee. “In my world, a black box is something that contains all the answers. It can be hard to access, sometimes even hard to find, but once you have it, you have a wealth of information that everyone can only envy. For me, the prospect of a Ferrari Roma Black Box was just something I knew I had to pursue.

Proud to be a real online detective, Nina set out to find all this buzz. “There is a chance for a select few to partake in the ultimate Ferrari Roma sensory experience, but first you have to get a Black Box from Ferrari. It is literally the key to everything,” she reveals.

“In the end, it was easy. All we had to do was answer a few lifestyle questions with an advisor and, apparently, as we thought, we really are Ferrari people. It was good to have that confirmed though. It was also great to have the Black Box we had heard so much about.

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Immersive and exclusive experience

Sharing Nina’s enthusiasm, Lee says, “While the box hints at what’s to come, it’s intriguing on its own and leaves more than a few open questions. There’s a key – to a hotel room for an upmarket stay, we think – and there’s more than a hint that we’re not only going to be well and truly pampered, but also get to test drive the Ferrari Roma for ourselves. It’s immersive and exclusive and that’s exactly the kind of thing we love.

Visibly eager to savor the promised event, Nina adds: “We are really looking forward to it. This is a tailor-made cashless experience. For us, it’s the chance to interact with a brand we’ve long admired, while immersing ourselves in an automotive dream come true.

To be assured of your own chance to explore the mysteries of the Ferrari Roma Black Box, the key to this year’s premium living and immersive driving experience, all you have to do is click this link and unlock the true meaning of La Nuova Dolce Vita for yourself.



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