Ex-bus driver jailed for injuring 14 people in collision with Bukit Batok interchange


SINGAPORE: A former bus driver was jailed on Tuesday May 31 for causing a collision between two buses at the Bukit Batok interchange that injured 14 people last year.

Loo Eng Chai, 66, was sentenced to six weeks in prison and a five-year driving ban after pleading guilty to a charge of negligently causing serious injury to six people.

Another charge of negligently injuring eight people was considered for sentencing.

At around 5:05 p.m. on July 11, 2021, Loo had just started driving the 945 bus service operated by Tower Transit. Before starting the drive, he checked the vehicle to make sure it was in good working order.

Loo had reversed out of his parking lot and was driving along the Bukit Batok interchange when he approached the stop line at a T-junction. However, he failed to pull away. Stop.

He continued driving and turned right into the intersection without paying attention to oncoming vehicles that had the right of way.

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At the same time, another Tower Transit bus entered the interchange from the main road. Loo did not give way to this bus, which was driving from his left to his right.

Loo collided with the other bus, causing it to tip over to the left, fall down a slope, and land on its left side. He also admitted to pressing the accelerator lightly before the collision.

The impact of the other bus uprooted the roadside fence at the crash site. The other bus also collided with a bus captain who was pausing on the lower sidewalk at the bottom of the grade.

The incident was captured in photos and security camera footage that was leaked online. Videos of the incident were released in court on Tuesday.

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The 14 injured were taken to hospital. This included 12 passengers as well as the driver of the bus Loo crashed into and the captain of the bus who was on a break.

The driver of the other bus suffered broken nose, bruises and lacerations on the body. He received 43 days of hospital leave.

The bus captain who was on break suffered rib and other fractures and head injuries. He received 83 days of hospital leave.

Deputy Attorney General Chee Ee Ling asked for six to eight weeks in jail and a five-year driving ban, arguing that Loo was driving a heavy vehicle with a higher potential for harm.

Loo continued driving regardless of the other bus, which had priority, the prosecutor said.

She pointed out that the six victims who suffered serious injuries had injuries “of a very serious or permanent nature”, which required extensive surgery.

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Ms Chee also said Loo’s guilty plea, showing remorse and having no previous convictions were mitigating factors.

She added that the prosecution would not seek a compensation order because Loo could not afford to pay.

Loo, who was unrepresented, told the court he was now working as a cleaner and had to pay rent and support his family in Johor Bahru.

He asked for clemency so that he could be released “as soon as possible” to work and support his family.

At sentencing, District Judge Brenda Tan said Loo’s actions caused serious harm and his culpability was moderate to high.

For causing serious injury through a negligent act that endangered the personal safety of others, Loo could have been jailed for up to two years, fined up to S$5,000 or both.



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